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    Photo under CC0 1.0

    Natural Health

    Surprising Ways Vinegar Can Be Life Changing

    Besides working wonders on glass surfaces and being the reminiscent odor of Easter egg coloring, vinegar has surprising uses that you may not even realize. In fact, it is considered one of the healthiest tonics available today!  Though its acidity and aroma can make you think twice about consuming or smelling it, vinegar is as […]

    Photo by Kelseyannvere under CC0 1.0

    Natural Beauty

    All Natural Ways To Keep Ahead Of Wrinkles

    Many people worry about the inevitable: fine lines creeping up on their face. From crow’s feet to laugh lines, and furrowed brows, the appearance of premature wrinkles can make a person feel self-conscious and worn out – but you don’t have to let wrinkles win. After all, beauty knows no age! To prevent the onset […]

    Photo by Masterralf under CC0 1.0

    Natural Beauty, Natural Health

    What To Look For In An All Natural Toothpaste

    If you’ve ever had mouth sores, chronic chapped lips, or tender gums, you’re not alone. Thousands of people with otherwise good oral health deal with these uncomfortable issues and have no idea what causes them. Surprisingly, it could be your toothpaste.    Even if you typically have good hygiene, maintain a balanced diet, and are […]

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    Natural Health

    Useful Permaculture Basics For Your Home Garden

    There is nothing like tending to a garden. It’s an opportunity to relax, get a little exercise, and earn the joy and satisfaction of reaping a bountiful harvest of produce, herbs, and flowers.   When you have a passion for gardening, chances are you’re also highly in-tune with nature, with a love for plants and animals, […]

    Photo by greekfood-Tamystika under CC0 1.0

    Natural Health

    Live Happier With These All Natural Depression Treatments

    What is Depression? Everyone experiences moments of sadness or despair, even anxiety when faced with circumstances beyond control, as with the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, or a pet. These feelings, which can be described as depression, can also occur in response to growing older, having health conditions, or engaging in […]


    Natural Beauty, Organic Products

    Liz Thompson Of Organic Beauty Source Talks All Natural Skin Care

      Editor’s note: We’re all coming around to the idea that unnatural chemicals in, on, and around your body are a cause for concern. (Umm, duh.) But for years, these synthetics have seeped their way into our bloodstreams in ways quite unexpected. While most people have an aversion to and suspicion of processed foods and […]

    Photo by donvirko under CC0 1.0

    Natural Health

    The 15 Best Destinations for an Organic Vacation

      The idea of green living is all about reducing your carbon footprint by minimizing waste: using energy-efficient appliances and lighting, eating organically-sourced foods at farm-to-table establishments, and building LEED certified homes and businesses.  But did you know that you can even go on organic and eco-friendly vacations? Although global ecotourism has existed for ages, […]



    Wake Up Right With This Healthy (And Easy) Breakfast

    It’s dark and there is a chill in the air.  According to the beloved groundhog, we have six more weeks of this. Your bed is cozy and warm, and as the alarm goes off you inevitably press snooze one last time before you absolutely have to get up.  By the time you’re up, showered, dressed […]

    Photo by Kjerstin_Michaela under CC0 1.0

    Natural Beauty

    Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

    Put your best face forward. Yes, we know the saying is “best foot forward,” but honestly, when it comes to interactions with our family, friends, peers, colleagues, neighbors, and just about anyone else, it’s our face that people see. So, we might as well put our best face forward, a face free of acne.   […]


    Natural Health, Organic Products

    Taking Charge Of Your Health With Aromatherapy

    Essential oils have been used by the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, for healing for nearly 6,000 years, but they only became popular in the United States in the 1980s. A common opinion is that aromatherapy is anything that smells good such as potpourri, candles, oils, and perfumes. However, aromatherapy, often using an aromatherapy […]