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    Month: December 2016

    Page 1/2 by Krystofos, Public domain , free for commercial use, no attribution required.

    Natural Beauty

    The Biggest No Nos In Skin Care

    It can be hard keeping up with the dos and don’ts of skincare treatment. From skipping sunscreen on a cloudy day to collapsing into bed after a night out without removing your makeup, being too careless with your beauty regimen can lead to early aging and unsightly breakouts. The good news is smart skin care […] by Unsplash - public domain, free for commercial use, no attribution required.

    Natural Health, Organic Products

    The Art of Stress Relief: Using a Buddha Board

    Sometimes, life can seem an ever-escalating series of hectic trials. Indeed, there’s even evidence that says stress is on the rise, and it’s taking its toll on daily life for many Americans (hence the widespread focus on yoga and meditation). Thing is, we live in a world where, if there’s something you want or need […]

    by murilo86 at - CC0 public domain, free for commercial use, no attribution required.

    Natural Beauty, Organic Products

    5 Good Reasons To Abandon Your Perfume For Essential Oils

    The fragrances so many of us spritz on our clothes, skin, and in the air aren’t quite as pleasant as they smell. Solvents, chemicals, synthetic aromas, and a whole slew of animal secretions (ew) like ambergris are misted into the air, occasionally causing allergic reactions and who-knows-what-other issues because the ingredients are a protected secret — even from the FDA. by Ryan McGuire- public domain license - no attribution required, Free for commercial use.

    Natural Health

    6 Health And Wellness Tips To Follow Right Now

    Public opinion of health and wellness is ever-changing. Recent years have seen a serious shift toward all-natural, whole-body wellness, with a greater focus on stress reduction, all-natural products, and organic living. So, if you are also ready to jump on the bandwagon, here are 7 health and wellness tips you must heed right now. Diversify […]


    Natural Health

    Mindful Eating: How To Lose Weight With Meditation

    To experience more gratitude, happiness, positive human connection, and honest contentment throughout your day, many turn to meditation.   According to the organization How To Meditate, “Meditation can help us to understand our own mind. We can learn how to transform our mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy. Overcoming […]

    Photo by kerdkanno in CC0 1.0

    Natural Beauty, Organic Products

    10 Weird Natural Ingredients Used For Great Skincare

    We all strive to look our best, don’t we? Well, sometimes the quest for beauty leaves us smearing, slathering, exfoliating, and massaging some questionable products into our skin. And we’re not even talking about the toxic, irritating, and unnatural chemicals that are so prevalent in most commercial skin care products. No, rather, we’re talking about […]

    Photo by Couleur in CC0 1.0

    Natural Health, Organic Products

    Eat In Season: Shop & Eat Better

    My little sister is a cook. Her new husband also cooks. As chef of several restaurants, he has served bigwigs like President Obama. I guess I could call them bona fide “foodies,” despite my disdain for that word. If there is one major lesson I learned from my sister and her husband, it is to […]

    Photo by Yoyo61 under CC0 1.0

    Natural Health, Recipes

    Fall Comfort Food Done Right (Part 3)

    Let us resume the conversation of satisfying comfort food dishes that are perfect for cool, fall evenings.  Comfort food, as discussed in previous articles, should be delicious, warming, easy to prepare, and nutritious enough to comfort your body as well as your soul.  For many, comfort food also involves a healthy dose of nostalgia to […] by Unsplash CC0, Public Domain, Free For Commercial use, no attribution required.

    Natural Beauty

    5 Flawless Tips For Maintaining Healthy, Luxurious Locks

    If you’re someone who is constantly coveting beautiful hair only to find your own hair is dull, flat and lifeless, then you’re not alone. Many people, women especially, look to pricey fad treatments and miracle conditioners that seem to do little more than drain their bank accounts. Believe it or not, the secret to healthy […]

    Photo Credit: by Gadini, Public Domain, Free for commercial use, no attribution required.

    Natural Beauty, Natural Health

    The Weirdest Uses For Garlic That Acutally Work

    Sometimes you have to do something weird — like rubbing garlic on your skin — to achieve a state of health. And we’re okay with that, because garlic is all natural and good for you! Obviously, garlic has some drawbacks (like the odor that will make you wholly unkissable). But the countless uses and remedies […]